HR Enterprises LLC

Box Style Vehicle Computer Mount - These boxes provide a stable platform for mounting a laptop between the seats of a truck. They have a flip top lid and storage space. that can be accessed with the laptop installed. The box does not include the laptop adapter itself but we can adapt it to whatever model you currently use..
Pickup truck mount - The base bolts to the floor of vehicle. This is not a swivel mount but it can be adjusted for height and direction. The height can be adjusted 13.5in to 19.5in with other custom sizes available.
Pole Style vehicle Computer Mount - This pole system provides a movable platform to mount a laptop computer to. The swivel arm allows the laptop to be positioned out of the drivers way when not in use. A locking pin prevents the arm from moving. The pole height can be adjusted to fit your specific vehicle and the laptop height can also be adjusted using a collar above and below the arm.